Wednesday, 27 June 2012

More Harpas

Moraharpa number 1 is long since finished.

I was quite pleased with the way he turned out, small and compact, almost like a travel harpa or lightweight instrument for a younger player. Have been playing him for a few weeks and the sound is good, mellow but with some bite. However he was very much a combination of different aspects, a little bit of moraharpa here,(single row, multiple tangent per key)) a bit of nyckelharpa there (guitar tuners, sympathetics). Harpa number 2 which I have been working on for a while is based more solidly on a single style of instrument, namely the kontrabassharpa. There are 3 playing strings, 10 sympathetic strings on this guy, but no guitar tuners only pegs. Single row almost chromatic. Much more flowing shape. I'm also going for an all gut sound, so the resonance strings are going to be nylgut rather than steel... pictures to come

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